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Sun Nov 19 11:35:28 EST 1995

Dear zebrafish-newsgroup:
I would like to diskuss a topic that recently came up here, concerning
the use of brdu.
Several publications point to the effect of brdu on cell- and
especially neuronal -differentiation. I.e. the Results of WJ Biggers et
al. (Teratology 35 (1):63-75, 1987) "indicate, that brdu incorporation
into DNA of primordial cells (of rats) significantly affects
neurogenesis and differentation of neurites from neuroblasts which is a
specific cytodifferentation characteristic of neuronal cells". Another
paper by S. Ohta et al. (Acta.Paediatr.Jpn 33(4):428, 1991) even
praises brdu«s ability to induce neuronal differentiation in a cell
line derived from Ewing«s sarcoma cells.
The 30h old zebrafish-embryos in my own experiment«s look quite strange
after injecting brdu into the yolk at 12h. This, however, semms to be
concentration dependent, but the effects at lower concentrations might
just be more subtile. For these reasons I hesitated to use brdu. Now
after this extensive discussion about brdu-Protocols it appeared to me
that it«s use is very common. 
Therefore my question: Are there any special conditions that have to be
met when using brdu to prevent effect on cell differentiation?
Many thanks in advance for answeres.

Cyrus Papan  
email: cyrus.papan at
Institut fur Entwicklungsbiologie
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50931 Koeln, Germany

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