Correction to Zebrafish Book

Monte Westerfield Monte at
Wed Oct 11 03:26:00 EST 1995

There is an error on page 7.12 of the Zebrafish Book (3rd Edition, 1995).
The protocol for Production of Haploid Embryos, step 3, should read:

"3.  Irradiate sperm with an ultraviolet light (UV, e.g. 38cm
from a 43 cm long Sylvania germicidal tube) for 2 min."

The distance is incorrectly stated as "29 cm".

note: It is listed correctly on page 7.7 as 38cm or 15 inches.

Please make this correction on your copy and advise others who may be
using this protocol.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Monte Westerfield
Institute of Neuroscience
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
email: monte at

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