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In the past 50 years the field of systematics has
grown to encompass much more than the classification of organisms.  It
comprises  the  study of phylogenetic relationships  among  organisms,
character  evolution, biogeography, and macroevolution.   Phylogenetic
thinking has been incorporated into molecular biology, ecology, devel-
opmental biology, and population biology, to name a few.

The  journal  Systematic  Biology publishes papers which  present  the
latest  advances  in phylogenetic methodology,  discuss  philosophical
issues related  to evolutionary tree construction and  classification,
and  provide examples of the applications of these techniques to  var-
ious  kinds of data.  Recent software and books are reviewed  in  each

If you would like to receive announcements from the Society of System-
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A  list called systbiol at public.sdsu.edu has recently been  established
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other items of interest to society members.

This  listserv  is NOT a discussion group or a format  for  advertise-
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