b-gal staining

Lisa Lynn Cunningham llc4q at avery.med.Virginia.EDU
Sat Oct 21 16:02:06 EST 1995

I'm microinjecting zebrafish embryos with a b-gal construct
which I hope will direct tisue-specific expresson of the
reporter. The problem is that the tissue I'm interested in is
the eye, and my UNINJECTED controls are showing blue lenses
after incubation in the staining reaction.  Also, I see a bit
of blue staining on nearly every fish on the ventral surface
about where the tail meets the abdomen.  Have other people seen
non-specific staining using a b-gal histochemical reaction? Is
there a blocking protocol that will eliminate this staining? Is
it possible that zebrafish actually have endogenous lac z
activity?  Your experiences and insights will be appreciated!

Lisa Cunningham

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