Giselle Thibaudeau giselle at RA.MSSTATE.EDU
Wed Sep 13 17:35:31 EST 1995

Hello!  OK, so I should know this, but I am surfing for some more detailed
info to help save my fish from low alkalin water.  I have been using "high
quality" dI water and adding the recommended salts (Instant Ocean) back to
the water before filling fish tanks.  Fish are having severe problems and
therefore definately not breeding (this is a problem) and we have traced at
least part of the problem to extreme low alkalinity (so is our hypotheis
anyway). We have thought of adding bicarb and more Ca to the system but are
really "fishing" in a matter of speaking for the correct amounts.  Not
being long-lived fish keepers or chemists we are seeking a quicker answer
to our problems.  If you have suggestions please feel free to share them.
Thanks again for any help.
cheers, giselle

PS. For anyone's info......we are not tempted to use dechlorinated tap
water because the water into the building is not consistant at all.  I
never know what is going to come through the faucet.....although probably
ok for most uses the inconsistant quality bothers me as far as trying to
get the fish to breed.

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