Philipp Spaniol spanio1l at
Mon Sep 25 08:46:42 EST 1995

Dear Stephen,
we have reasonably well hatching Artemia from "Artemia of Utah" (Tel 
(801)532-5426). These shrimps need approx. 32 hrs to hatch in 60 grs/l 
seasalt. We use plastic funnels of 1.5 ltrs seasalt. Its crucial 
that the funnels are clean prior to use and the salt is completely 
dissolved. Furthermore we let bubble air through the funnels and expose 
them to a light dark cycle of 14:10 hrs (funnels set up at light on). To 
get good shrimps we take 25 ml per such funnel.
I hope this will help you and good look

					Best regards

					Philipp Spaniol

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