Delayed In Vitro Fertilization

Graham Corley-Smith corley at
Thu Apr 11 18:14:37 EST 1996

RE:  New address of distributor of coho salmon ovarian fluid.

Hi All,
  Some researchers wishing to purchase coho salmon ovarian fluid for use in
holding zebrafish eggs, have contacted us as they have been unable to
contact the distributor at the address I gave in a previous posting.  The
distributor has moved.

Old address:
	SeaTech Bioproducts.
	141 California Street.
	Newton, Massachusetts 02158-1023
	Telephone: (617) 965-5092
	Voice: (617) 630-5145
	e-mail: none yet
	www: not yet

New address:
             SeaTech Bioproducts
             1200 Millbury Street
             Suite 9F
             Worcester, MA 01607-1478
             Tel: (508) 799-9607
             Fax:(508) 799-9477

    Zoion Research Inc. is the parent company to SeaTech, and may be the
name you hear if you contact their telephone answering machine.
    I am not pushing coho ovarian fluid for any monetary benefit.  We supply
it to the distributor at no charge.  The short period of time in which eggs
can normally be microinjected prior to fertilization may be an impediment
for important zebrafish research (e.g.  transgenics).  Thus, our motivation
for supplying coho salmon ovarian fluid is that we wish, even in a small
way,  to contribute to the development of the genetic and developmental
components of zebrafish as a model system.


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