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Pat Edwards edwards at
Tue Aug 13 11:02:39 EST 1996

I am posting this message for Chris Amemiya

To: Boston-area zebrafish researchers
From: Chris T. Amemiya, Boston Univ. Sch. Medicine

1996-1997 Boston Zebrafish Meetings -- First announcement
     and call for speakers

The following are the dates for the monthly meetings to
be held at MIT from 5 pm to 6:30 pm.  

October 7, 1996 (tentatively)
November 11, 1996
January 13, 1997
February 10, 1997
March 10, 1997
April 14, 1997
May 12, 1997

Wolfgang Driever has stepped down as organizer, so this year
the meetings are being organized by Iain Drummond (MGH) and me. We are
currently seeking speakers. If you would like the opportunity to
present your work (or if you'd like to suggest someone), please
contact Iain (617-726-5647; idrummon at or me
(617-638-7078; camemiya at as soon as possible.

Institute of Neuroscience
1254 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1254
(541) 346-4556 / FAX (541) 346-4548
e-mail: edwards at

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