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> Just a quick couple of questions.  I'm wondering if all of you that are
> raising zebrafish from embryos are initially feeding them with live
> paramecia that you've raised.  All of you who have read The Zebrafish
> Book know that it is suggested for the first 6 days after hatching, or
> is it acceptable to move straight into the live baby brine shrimp? 
> Also, for those of you raising baby brine shrimp, how soon after
> hatching must the brine be used for feeding the recently hatched
> zebrafish?  I appreciate any advice that can be provided for this novice
> fish rearer.

Afraid they need the paramecia (or similar small live food) -- baby brine
shrimp are too big for the young larvae to eat, and they'll just rot.

If I understand your question about the brine shrimp correctly, we turn over
the brine shrimp pretty fast. We set up a bottle of shrimp every day,
after 2 days most of the cysts are hatched, and we use them all that day.

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