Boston area zebrafish meetings

Pat Edwards edwards at
Mon Dec 23 12:40:16 EST 1996

I am posting this for Chris Amemiya

To: Boston-area zebrafish researchers
From: Chris Amemiya and Iain Drummond
Re: next Boston-area zebrafish meeting

The next meeting will be on January 13th, 4-6 pm, Whitehead
Institute 7th floor conference room (please note time and room
change).  Refreshments will be provided (starting from 3:30 pm).

Owing to the intense interest in cloning the genes responsible
for all the developmental mutants, the theme for this next
meeting will be "genetics and genomics."  The four experts who will
be speaking are listed below.

Dr. Ela Knapik (MGH) -- Genetic linkage mapping

Dr. Tao Zhong (MGH/MIT) -- Zebrafish YAC library

Dr. Michael Rosenberg (MGH) -- Positional cloning of a cardiovascular

Dr. Miguel Allende (MIT) -- Insertional mutagenesis screen 

Please address any questions to:
Iain Drummond (idrummon at 
Chris Amemiya (camemiya at

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