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> I would like to use zebrafish as a modle organism for undergraduate 
> developmental biology labs.  I feel it would be a great organism to use 
> to teach both development and proper scientific method.  I need a good 
> source of information on setting up and maintaining a breeding 
> population, as well as some leads on good suppliers.
> Thank you.
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> Michael J. Rossi, Ph.D.
> Coordinator, Cellular and Molecular Biology
> rossimj at

The person to get in touch with on your side of the Atlantic is 
Monte Westerfield at the Institute of Neuroscience, University of 
Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1254. They have the best danio set up in the
world there and can advise you properly on how to get started.

Chris Blagden
Postgraduate Student
Zebrafish Unit, Developmental Biology Research Centre
King's College London

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