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Pat Edwards edwards at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Wed Feb 21 17:18:19 EST 1996

I am posting this for Chiao Chuanchin

   I am a graduate student in University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). I am 
not a zebrafish person, but I would like to know some general behavior of
zebrafish. The reason is following: We try to understand how zebrafish use its 
pattern (stripes) to recognize each other (intraspecies communication) by
vision. General idea is: If we can quantify the behavior pattern very well,
then we can use some mutants which don't have these stripes, to test how fish
can use "spatial frequency" information for recognition.
   If you know some papers of zebrafish behavior, or you know some people
familar with the behavior of this fish, could you e-mail me, let me know.
   Thank you very much

Chuan-Chin Chiao
Bio. Sci. Dept
Baltimore, MD 21228
chiao chuanchin <chiao at umbc.edu>

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