Pigmentless embryos???

Anand Chandrasekhar anandc at BIOLOGY.LSA.UMICH.EDU
Wed Jul 17 16:15:29 EST 1996

We make 0.4mM (0.006%) solution of PTU in fish water.  It takes about 1-2
hr of vigorous stirring (longer the better) to dissolve completely.  For
treating embryos, I dilute the PTU water with an equal amount of fish
water to reach the final concentration.  PTU remains in solution and
eyepigmentation is minimal or absent upto 72h.

Anand Chandrasekhar

On 16 Jul 1996, Richard Vogt wrote:

> I need to make zebrafish without eye pigment to check for expression of a gene
> in the eye.  Does anyone have experience using PTU?  I've worked with PTU
> enough to know it is pretty insoluble.  I notice the Zeb Book says 0.003% PTU
> in Hanks.  Do you just put in enought PTU to pretend it is 0.003% or is there
> some trick to getting it to go into solution?  Any advice is welcome.  Thanks
> Dick Vogt

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