Summary for fry anesthesia

Yiing Lin ylin at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Tue Jun 4 14:04:32 EST 1996


Thanks for all of the responses that I received concerning my question on 
the best way to anesthetize fry.  Some of the responses weren't posted to 
the list, so here's a short summary of what I got:

1. tricane (with its may aliases) solution at 1/2ppt, 0.05mg/mL, or 0.2% 
(I haven't figured out how these different concentrations compare).

2. 2-phenoxyetheol

3. chilling

4. chlorobutaol (2.5-5.0mM)

I tried the 0.05mg/mL tricane solution, which put the fry under rather 
well.  Some of the fry still twitched a bit.  My biggest problem was 
trying to revive the fish afterwards.  Most of the fish came back ok, but 
I lost a couple.  I'm not sure, however, if the cause of the deaths was 
the tricane, or being under the scope for a while, or damage caused to 
them in their transferring from solutions.

						-Yiing Lin

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