cell lines

Mon Jun 17 13:27:21 EST 1996

The zf-4 cell line needs to be kept at a fairly high density in
order to proliferate rapidly.  From my own work with the cells
I have come to believe that they secrete some trophic factors
into the medium which stimulate their own growth.  Therefore,
they must be at a high enough concentration to be able to 
condition the medium.  In addition, by feeding them less often,
or by only replacing half the medium at each feeding, these
soluble trophic factors will have a chance to collect.
A healthy density for the cells in about 100,000 cells/ml.
At very high densities they will lift off the substratum, but
they are NOT dead!  Simply re-plate them and they will re-attach.
Also, make sure your medium is at proper pH.  It needs both
For me these things grow like weeds.  ANd, as a side point, I
never heat-inactivate the serum (I use fetal bovine serum;
there is no such thing as a fetal calf).
Good luck

jennifer sass, SASS at SASK.USASK.CA

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