Anatomy book on zfish?

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>I was wondering if there is (are) any detailed, annotated anatomy texts 
>on zebrafish out there?
No, but the next best thing is the paper by Kimmel et al. that was published
in Developmental Dynamics a while back -- I don't have the reference handy,
but it'll be listed at the UO Zebrafish web page, <>.
Actually, all the images from that paper are also available there.

>I was wondering if anyone has worked out any protocol for anesthetizing 
>zfish fry and bringing them "back"?  I've been trying to take pictures of 
>fry which are live-stained and need long (1-2 minute) exposures, but they 
>move around much too much.

We use a few drops of 0.2% mesab (also called MS222, Finquel, 3-aminobenzoic
acid ethyl ester, available from Sigma (catalog #a-5040)). Again, the protocol
can be found on the zebrafish web page or the zebrafish book (you _should_
get the zebrafish book from the University of Oregon, it is indispensable!).

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