repetitive elements

Christopher D Kaufman kauf0010 at
Thu Nov 7 16:50:25 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues:

We are in the process of writing a review article on repetitive
elements in a special zebrafish issue of the Journal of Biochemistry
and Cell Biology.

Many of you who have sequenced zebrafish genomic DNA or 5' and 3'
UTRs have found repetitive sequences based on comparisons with
database entries.  You may not have entered these sequences into
GenBank or the EMBL databases.  We kindly ask that you consider
sending us such sequences and other relevant information about them.
We will try to incorporate all of the information that we receive
into the review.  We will of course acknowledge all sources of
information as "personal communication", "in press", "in preparation"
or whatever you think appropriate considering the status of your

Thank you for helping us, and the zebrafish community, in this

Perry Hackett
Dept. of Genetics and Cell Biology
University of Minnesota
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