Boston-area zebrafish meeting

Chris T. Amemiya camemiya at
Tue Oct 1 12:20:51 EST 1996


First Boston-Area Zebrafish Meeting for 1996-1997

Dear zebrafish researchers,

Our first meeting is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 7th, 5 to 6:30 pm
at the Whitehead Institute (first floor auditorium).

The speakers are: 

Kerri Warren, Massachussets General Hospital, 
"Characterization of the slow mo heart rate mutant."

David Stock, Pennsylvania State University, "Organization
and evolution of the DLX homeobox-containing genes in zebrafish."

Please forward this notice to anyone who may be interested in
attending or anyone who would like to be on our email list.

Questions and queries can be addressed to either Iain Drummond
(idrummon at or Chris Amemiya (camemiya at

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