Sex in fish

Hironori Wada hwada at UTS2.S.U-TOKYO.AC.JP
Sat Oct 19 01:00:09 EST 1996

Dear everyone,

    I am interested in sex determination and trying to find out sex determining genes in medakafish.  Recently, in mouse and chick, Sox9 was demonstrated as one of the key genes to differentiation of Sertoli cells.  I heard that Sry related genes have been already cloned in several fish species including zebrafish, puffer fish and medaka. Are there anyone who checked the expression of the genes in both sexes of fish?  Please let me know if there are any sex speciffic markers which could tell us the sexes of fish in early developmental stages. Thanks in advance.

Hironori Wada, 
Zool. Inst., Sch. of Science,
University of Tokyo
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