How Should I Keep Medakas Still!?

Richard Gordon gordonr at
Thu Sep 26 22:57:30 EST 1996

At  1:10 AM 9/7/96 -0700, s54101 wrote:
>I am an undergraduate student. Now I belong to Prof. A. Shima's laborarory,
>and I am trying to observe development of medakafish embryos using time-lapse
>recording. But their slight movement disturbs me during observation. I want to
>know how to keep them still during observation. Any suggestion will be OK!!


King, G. M., R. Gordon, K. Karmali & L. J. Biberman (1982). A new method
for the immobilisation of teleost embryos for time-lapse studies of
development. J. Exp. Zool. 220(2), 147-151.

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