GFP and pigments

Mª Carmen Alvarez Alvarez at
Wed Apr 16 03:48:15 EST 1997

Hi everybody
 We are  microinjecting a GFP plasmid to S. aurata (marine fish species)
embryos and have tryed to detect the protein in alive embryos and larvae.
This species as well as  zf, develops pigments in many cells that produce
self-fluorescence in the same excitation range than that of the GFP. Have
you any idea how to solve that problem?.
The recomended maxima excitation lenght for the plasmid used in mammalian
cells is 488 nm and the emision maxima at 507 nm
Any advise or  related opinion on how to overcome self-fluorescece or
plasmid concentration injected  will be wellcome.
Thanks so much

Carmen Alvarez
Dp Genetica
Fac de Ciencias
Universidad de Malaga (Spain)
FAX 34-5-2132000

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