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Message from Monte Westerfield
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I have the dubious pleasure of representing the zebrafish community at
the upcoming International Nomenclature Workshop.  The goals are to
discuss nomenclature issues such as 1) systematic approaches to
nomenclature with cross species links, 2) improving links between
databases, and 3) organizing genes into families and retrieving family
information from the databases.

I wonder whether any of you have any specific questions, concerns, or 
suggestions about nomenclature that I should raise at the meeting?  

For those of you who don't know that the zebrafish community has a set
of nomenclature guidelines for naming cloned genes and mutations, I
would suggest that you look them over.  Mary Mullins, as a
representative of the committee, has written a summary which you can
find in:

1. The Zebrafish Book, pg 7.1
2. The Zebrafish Web Server, "The Fish Net",
3. The Zebrafish Science Monitor Vol 4(1), June, 1996
4. Supplement to Trends Genetics, March, 1995.

Thanks for your input.

monte at
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