A serumless culture

Tsutomu Miyake tmiyake at IS.DAL.CA
Tue Apr 29 18:16:54 EST 1997

Dear Madam/Sir

I have developed an organ culture system to study cellular and molecular 
mechanisms that regulate differentiation and morphogenesis of the 
skeleton in zebrafish and Japanese Medaka (Miyake and Hall., J. Exp. 
Zool., 268: 22-43, 1994).  I found that M199 and Leibovitz's L-15 are 
suitable to do organ culture with FBS.  Horse serum was found to be toxic 
to tissues.  The system I developed was one to place tissues in a medium 
submerged.  An air-CO2 interface system for chicks and mice did not work 
at all.  

I am just wondering if there are previous studies that used a serumless 
culture system in zebrafish.  It does not matter if it was developed for 
another species of fishes.  Serum factors may complicate analyses of in 
vitro studies on skeletal development.  

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