moderating the zebrafish newsgroup

Tsutomu T Miyake tmiyake at IS.DAL.CA
Tue Apr 29 16:21:49 EST 1997

Thank you very much for your reply to my simple question.  I do understand
that the newsgroup belongs to a public sector.  I do not get involved too
much in politics of whether or not any newsgroups are censored.  However,
I feel strongly that it should be moderated since this is a group that
needs a public forum to discuss many issues of zebrafish biology.  If
you are interersted in other things, they can go any web-sites they want.
Hopefully, this issue may not generate too many discussions in this
newsgrou, but it will lead to a quick resolution without losing the
original purpose of this newsgroup.  Too many disucssions of this kind of
issues may result in loss of many dedicated zebrafish scientists.  Dr.
Vogt, thank you
for your prompt reply !!

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