laura e. zirino lzirino at
Thu Dec 4 15:57:40 EST 1997

        I am a student at Point Loma Nazarene College and my research group
has been trying to section whole zebrafish and prepare slides.  Our problem
has been in sectioning the tissue, which has either been too brittle, or the
parrafin has not permeated the tissues, resulting in the tissue pulling away
from the knife, leaving gaping holes in the parrafin ribbon.  Our method has
been to fix the portions of the fish we wish to section in a 10% formalin
and 10 drops of glycerin per 100 ml water bath for 5 days, decant with
distilled water for two days, then leave overnight in liquid parrafin and
attempt sectioning the next day.  Can someone suggest another method for
obtaining tissue slides, and/or another method for fixation?  Please respond
directly to the above e-mail.  A prompt response would be most appreciated,
as I would like to make any adjustments to our method starting tomorrow.
Thank you very much.

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