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Victoria Prince vprince at midway.uchicago.edu
Mon Dec 8 13:48:03 EST 1997

Job description:

Research Technologist (NE 6), BSD
Reports to: Victoria Prince, Asst. Professor

Position Summary:
Basic molecular, embryology and histology techniques.  Maintenance of
a zebrafish facility. General technical support.

Position duties: Objectives and Specific Accountabilities
 1. (35%)  Direct involvement in ongoing research projects
 investigating zebrafish developmental mechanisms.  This would
 ultimately involve using molecular techniques (plasmid preps,
 subcloning, in situ hybridization), embryology (dissections,
 injection of embryos with lineage tracers), and histology
 (immunohistology, sectioning).  Training in these techniques will be
 given although previous experience would be useful.

2. (35%)  Caring for and raising zebrafish for daily embryo production
and stock maintenance:  Includes daily feeding, regular aquaria
cleaning, facility maintenance, culture of invertebrate food sources.
Setting up regular pairwise matings between fish, embryo collection.
Experience and/or interest in tropical fish is desirable.

3. (30%)  Technical support:  Ordering of consumables.  Maintaining
stocks of standard solutions, bacterial-culture media and plates,
chemicals, glassware etc.  Setting up and maintaining lab databases
for stocks, orders etc.  Organizing washing of laboratory glassware.
Coordinating general laboratory organization.

4. Some requirement for flexible working hours (occasional weekends).

1. BS in the biological sciences
2. Some embryology and/or molecular biology experience
3. Computer literacy - competence to use, or learn to use, Macintosh
database and word processing programs 4. Good organizational skills 5.
A strong desire to receive further training in developmental biology

Send applications to:

Victoria E. Prince
Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy
University of Chicago
1027 E.57th Street
Chicago IL 60637
tel. (773) 834-2100 / fax.(773) 702 0037
e-mail: vprince at midway.uchicago.edu

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