message "glitch"

Pat Edwards edwards at
Mon Dec 22 15:54:44 EST 1997

Hello, Zfishers!

I want to apologize for the rash of messages that most of you received
from me last Friday via the zebrafish e-mail distribution list.  I only
sent the message once, but apparently it became entangled in a
cyberspace-form of cloning.  By the time I was aware of what was
happening, people had received 8 copies of the message, and by the time
it was finally remedied, I understand that some of you had received over
a dozen copies.

I hope that it did not cause any major problems.  Most of you who wrote
me were very kind; a few were quite upset, and in my haste to try to
respond to all of the messages that were coming in to me, I hope that I
didn't offend anyone.  I just wanted to let everyone know that we were
trying to solve the problem and that it was not being done
intentionally.  I'm afraid that my humor may not have come through the
shroud of desperation well.

Anyway, I will not attempt another e-mail distribution until our
computer engineers have had a chance to try and figure out why it
happened.  We hope to send out a "test" message following the holidays
after I return to work on January 5.  At that time, the test message
will be tracked and aborted if it appears that it, too, may begin
cycling.  In the meantime, I will use the zebrafish news group as the
means of disseminating any information that comes in.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Pat Edwards
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