Fix for zfish & GFP?

Yiing Lin ylin at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Fri Feb 21 15:23:07 EST 1997


Thanks to all who have replied!

I still have my samples sitting in 4% PF (since 2/17, at 4degC), so I 
pulled them out and took a look.  I've taken a few pictures, and 
have them on the same web site:

I've tried to reproduce the conditions under which I had taken the other 
pictures (except for the left, 4-day-fix picture, which is at half the
exposure at which the other ones were taken [whoops! :/ ]).

After 4 days, you can still see the glowing muscle fiber, although it's 
rather faint.  I've put another pre-fix picture on the page (the left 
one), which shows the amount of signal which I had seen before.  The 
after-fix pictures show very little of that.

Has anyone tried other fixes before?  (I'm going to give glutaraldelyde a 

						-Yiing Lin

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