Zebrafish Visual Acuity

Brian Sidlauskas bls8 at cornell.edu
Wed Feb 26 15:24:39 EST 1997


   I am an undergraduate researcher in the lab of Professor Andrew Bass,
Cornell University. Just recently he asked me to find out if anything was
known about zebrafish visual acuity. Specifically, are the fish more or
less receptive to certain wavelengths of light. Not knowing the answer
myself, I thought that someone on this group might know.
   I am currently using Danio albolineatus and Danio kerri in a behavior
related project (We've actually had an easier timne breeding them than
Danio rerio) but would be interested in information on any species in the
   Please respond to bls8 at cornell.edu in addition to any newsgroup
postings. Thanks in advance.


            Brian Sidlauskas

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