Visualization Techniques

Jackson Lee CRUISER at POL.NET
Fri Jan 10 09:44:46 EST 1997

Hello out there.
I am a junior in high school and have been studying zebrafish
development on and off for the past two years.  Last year I looked at
the effects of beta-carotene on the development of light responsiveness
in the zebrafish embryonic visual system.  I would like to find a
technique where I could actually microscopically examine the embryos
through the chorian, in more detail offered in light microscopy.  I am
looking into using Nomarski optics.  Does anyone know of any other
technique that might have better resolution?  Are there any stains that
can be applied via a bathing solution that would penetrate and define
the structures?  These techniques must be benign and can not have any
adverse effects on the embryos.

I understand that India ink may be a possible answer.  Are there any
other staining techniques.

I appreciate any hints that anyone might have.  Thanks.

Darrin Lee

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