What kind of fish is this ?

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In article <01bbfa56$349c2380$0100007f at djeepiii>, Rian van Nuland
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>Maybe you will be able to tell me what kind of fish this is ??   (see the
>included picture) 
>I'm participating in a christmas-puzzle. You need to combine a text with a
>picture (and that 80 times).
>In order to be albe to do that I need to know what's on the pictures.
>Thanks a lot in advance,
>Rianne (from Holland)
>P.S. I like to receive e-mail, so please send me e-mail instead of
>responding to the newsgroup.
>rianvn at dds.nl
It is one of the freshwater 'raindbow' fishes possibly of the genera
Chilatherina, originates from South East Asia.

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