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Institute of Molecular Agrobiology, Singapore

Research Appointments

Applications are invited for appointment of Principal Investigators
starting in 1998.

The Institute of Molecular Agrobiology (IMA) is a new research institute
established by the National Science and Technology Board of Singapore. The
institute plans to set up two new independent laboratories in fish biology,
specializing  in one of the areas such as development, immunology and
   There are two fish groups working in IMA already. More information about
IMA, people and research is available on IMA WWW site -
http://www.ima.nus.sg. IMA will move to a new building in early 1998. A
spacious fish house will be built close by at the same time.

Appointment can be on two levels:

Senior Scientist                   S$  65,200 - 122,820
Associate Professor                S$ 108,820 - 151,480
   (US$1.00 = S$1.42 approximately)

The commencing salary will depend on  the candidate's qualification,
experience and level of appointment. A number of other benefits will be
provided. Teaching is limited to the graduate level. Up to 5 fully funded
positions can be provided to PIs depending on qualification and
Application should include a copy of CV, brief description of experience,
proposed program of research in IMA and names of three to five referees.
   Applications should be sent to the following address:
Institute of Molecular Agrobiology
59a, The Fleming, 1 Science Park Drive
118240 Singapore
fax 65 7742857
e-mail - imahead at leonis.nus.sg

Dr. Vladimir Korzh
Institute of Molecular Agrobiology
59A The Fleming, 1 Science Park Drive
118240 Singapore
fax 65 7742857

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