Post-doctoral position in Göttingen

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Wed Jan 22 11:50:54 EST 1997

Message from Jochen Wittbrodt

Post-doctoral position in Göttingen

A post-doctoral position, starting no later than Sept 1997 is
available until the end of 1999 in the Group of Jochen Wittbrodt at
the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen,
Germany. We are investigating the genetic and molecular mechanisms
involved in eye development in fish (medaka, Oliver, Loosli et al.
1996 Mech Dev 60, 233, zebrafish). The work will focus on the
characterization of eye mutants using genetics as well as molecular
and cell biology. Candidates should have a background in molecular
biology, genetics and/or developmental biology, as well as strong
interest in fish work.

The group of J. Wittbrodt hosted in H. Jaeckles department is
embedded in the SFB 271 focussing on the "genetic control of
morphoregulatory processes" in different organisms as Drosophila
(Jaeckle, Hoch, Schuh, Schäfer), mouse (Gruss, Arnold, Südhof, Engel,
Braun, Rüther), chick (Kessel, Bober), frog (Pieler, Nordheim, Stick)
and fish (J. Wittbrodt).The high number of excellent laboratories and
their collaboration in many different projects creates an ideal and
stimulating atmosphere for basic research.

Send, fax or e-mail CV and research interests to:

Dr Jochen Wittbrodt
MPI for Biophysical Chemistry
Am Fassberg
D-37077 Göttingen, Germany

Fax: +49 551 201 1755    
e-mail: jwittbr at

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