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Pat Edwards edwards at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Wed Jan 22 17:12:10 EST 1997


As many of you know, I am currently trying to link zebrafish
publications with researchers who are on our address list for the new
zebrafish database.  One of the problems we are having is trying to
determine if some of the authors on the publications who are not
currently in the database, should be included.  If so, I'd like to
obtain their database information so that we can link their publications
to them.

With this message, I am going to include a list of some of those
unlinked authors.  This list is by no means complete, but I felt it
would be better to post several shorter lists as I get them than to
deluge you with hundreds of names at one time.  Would you mind looking
through this list for me?  If you know that any of them should OR should
not be included on the zebrafish database, I would appreciate knowing. 
If they should be included, would you mind letting me know how to get in
touch with them?... or, better yet, have them contact me with their full
mailing address, phone & FAX numbers and e-mail address?

Your help on this would be greatly appreciated.  I am contacting many of
you individually to get information about your unlinked co-authors, but
many of the publications do not include any of our current researchers
as authors.  Thank you!

Pat Edwards
ZF Publications Coordinator


Adams, D.S.
Adams, L.G.
Amirthaligam, K.
Andersen, O.
Anderson, J.J.
Ansari, B.A.
Aslam, M.
Athenstaedt, H.
Bard, J.
Bartos, J.
Baumann, M.
Beams, H.W.
Beck, H.
Becker, K.A.
Bloom, H.D.
Bresch, H.
Buth, D.G.
Butte, W.
Cellavere, C.
Collins, G.C.
Dasqupta, J.D.
Donovan, M.
Drill, S.L.
Edlund, T.
Ehlermann, D.
Elias, J.
Frank, H.K.
Frank, S.
Golubev, A.V.
Gorbi, G.
Gordon, M.S.
Herrmann, B.G.
Jones, J.T.
Justice, N.J.
Kessel, R.G.
Kispert, A.
Kiyokawa, M.
Klungland, H.
Kumar, K.
Laale, H.W.
Malone, T.E.
Mendelson, B.
Mooren, P.
Mooren, J.
Peralta, E.G.
Perlmutter, A.
Phang, V.P.E.
Plaut, I.
Pownall, M.E.
Quattro, J.M.
Recinos, A.
Renner, H.W.
Roberts, R.
Rogers, M.E.
Rotter, S.
Rusoff, A.C.
Salaneck, E.
Sander, K.
Satre, B.O.
Schlaszus, H.
Seely, R.J.
Shashoua, V.E.
Shih, C.Y.
Singh, U.N.
Sun, L.
Tan, J.C.S.
Tung, H.N.
Urbanek, M.
Willis, A.
Wirtz, P.
Wolenski, J.S.
Wong, T.
Zauke, G.P.
Zhao, X.

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