list #2 of unlinked zf authors

Pat Edwards edwards at
Thu Jan 23 19:19:09 EST 1997

Here is list #2 of unlinked authors on zebrafish publications.  Please
let me know if you know of any of them that should or should NOT be in
the zebrafish database. (Thanks to all of you who are helping me with
this.  I have 1,500 unlinked publications to try and link up if

Anderson, K.
Andrews, C.
Barnes, D.
Berglind, R.
Chakrabarti, S.
Cherdantseva, V.G.
Cherdantseva, E.M.
Chourrout, D.
Collazo, A.
Collodi, P.
Cook, M.
Costaridis, P.
Damgaard, B.
Dave, G.
Debeaupuis, J.P.
Delamarre, P.
Dentry, W.
DeTolla, L.J.
Grande, H.
Guyomard, R.
Hasselrot, B.
Hecker, B.
Kamei, Y.
Kane, A.S.
Lafont, P.
LeHoudebine, M.
Lindsey, C.C.
Marche, C.
Martelin, J.E.
Rosander, B.
Sharps, A.
Srinivas, S.
Truchet, M.
Viktor, T.
Whitaker, B.R.

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