Photographing adult zebrafish?

Victoria Pritchard genvlp at
Wed Jan 29 09:00:16 EST 1997

I'm intending take photographs of adult zebrafish in order to 
record various aspects of their colour pattern and body shape, 
including shape and markings of the dorsal, anal and caudal fins. This 
needs to be done with as little harm as possible to the fish as I'll 
also be needing them for breeding and behavioural experiments. I will 
be using an SLR camera which has through-lens light metering and 
automatic/manual shutter speed. Does anyone have any advice? For 
example, what is the best anaesthetic to use, how can I position my 
fish, what lighting setup and film type give the best results, and so 
on. I'd particularly like to know how they took those great pictures 
on the from of the zebrafish issue of Development!
	 Any help at all would be great.

		Thanks, Vicky.

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