Moderation at last (or soon...)

Richard Vogt vogt at
Thu Jul 24 15:09:18 EST 1997

This newsgroup is now or very soon will be Moderated.  Posted messages
will be filtered through Pat Edwards (or if Pat is away, me).  For now,
anything remotely related to zebrafish will be passed on as quickly as
possible; however, the get rich offers and the interesting graphic
offers  will normally be filtered.  The only negative side to this is
that it will take longer for your messages to be posted, as they must
(for now) be manually checked before posting.  This could mean 1-2 day
delays, depending on how often the messages are checked and whether they
are posted during a weekend or holiday.

Complaints or questions can be sent to either Pat or me by e-mail, or
posted directly to the news group.

Richard Vogt (vogt at
Pat Edwards (edwards at

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