animal committees

Wed Jun 11 00:52:09 EST 1997

I thought I put something on here about animal care committees but 
never got it myself so do not know what happened.

I am chair of such a committee here and have been called the "fox in 
the hen house" as the committee is very small and main campus people 
"fear" I will write a proposal and then just sign it myself as I 
have the most animals and use the most per year.  We have also been 
termed an "old boy's club" in that all on the committee use animals 
and people from the main campus fear we pass whatever another 
committee member wants passed.

None of this is tru and I just added the committee from the medical 
center on our campus to the committee.  I have also suggested that 
anyone on the committee who wants to put in a proposal will have it 
looked over by some outside campus.

That is where I need help.  Are there committees out there who could 
help for a short time?  We probably would not have more than 3-4 
proposals in a given year.

Any comments would be helpful.


Tim Stabler

Timothy A. Stabler, Ph.D.
Department of Biology
Indiana University Northwest
Gary, IN 46408

FAX: (219)980-7125

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