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Sat Jun 14 08:45:48 EST 1997

-- Greetings,

	How many of you hobbiests have asked filteration questions on this
newsgroup in the past? How many of you are interested in creating that
Stunning aquarium, but can't decide what fileration system to use? How many
of you have a custom built tank and stand that nothing fits in or under?


	I have had the pleasure of using a custom built Wet/Dry Filter made by
Acrylife Pet Products for a new 300 gallon Saltwater installation. The
company has been in business for three years and is located in Northeastern
Pennsylvania and specializes in Wet/Dry Filters. The filters are built
extremly well and are made of 1/4" acrylic.. not that 3/16" junk that most
places use. 3/8" acrylic can also be used, but it more expensive.	
	I have used some of the NAME BRANDS and they all have fallen short in some
aspect or another. I decided to have a filter custom made to my design
specifications. I was not dissapointed..!! 
	I am not offiliated with Acrylife Pet Products, However I want to pass on
the Information and Savings I received to you fellow hobbiests. If you have
any questions please E-Mail me at the address below or Acrylife directly at
Acrylife at
	Mention to Russ that Todd sent ya..he might cut you a break.. :8~)
Keep on Fishing,

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