Status of the Zebrafish list

Steve Scadding scadding at
Mon Jun 16 13:20:08 EST 1997

The Zebrafish List seems to have degenerated lately into a series of
commercial messages and "unsubscribe" messages which have been incorrectly
directed to the list.  While I am not a zebrafish person (I work on
axolotl limb regeneration) and largely a "lurker" on this list, I am
interested in some of the same general developmental issues. 

However, I suspect from the number of unsubscribe messages that this list
is no longer being useful to many members.  Is it time to make it a
moderated list so that only messages of relevance to the membership as
specified in the original charter are posted?

I belong to the "urodele" list which is moderated and much more relevant
since the moderation avoids the endless "junk mail" that fills up my
mailbox from the zebrafish list.

Perhaps the "discussion leaders" for this list might want to consider if
this list should become moderated.

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