malathion toxicity

Pat Edwards edwards at
Thu Jun 26 10:38:25 EST 1997

I received the following request this morning and am not sure what to do
with it.  Would one of you who are involved in this type of research be
willing to respond directly to Dr. Tell (vapconet at  Thanks


Date sent:        Thu, 26 Jun 1997 22:37:45 +0300
From:             "Dr. M. K. Tell" <vapconet at>
Organization:     VAPCO
To:               edwards at
Subject:          malathion toxicity

dear sir,

reference to your web site, please be advised that we are interested in
the search about malathion toxicity on zebra fish.

we would appreciate if you could provide us with a copy of the paper.

thanks and best regards

eng. khaled m. tell

our address is
vapco : 17058 amman 11195 jordan.
fax : (962-6)694998

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