Lac Z/In Situ

geoff doerre gdoerre at
Wed Mar 12 15:53:08 EST 1997

Fellow ZF researchers:

has anyone lac Z stained their in situ'd embryos?  I've been following 
Reinhard & Westerfield's 1994 method, lac Z staining first and then in 
situ-ing, but have been encountering significant signal loss (of message, 
not of lac Z, signal.)  Is there a way to tweak this protocol, beyond 
sterilizing reagents & minimizing lac Z staining time?

Alternatively, I've tried to in situ first, but alk phos treatment 
probably doesn't do wonders for the b-gal activity; thus I see zero lac Z 

Has anyone had similar experiences, or better luck?  Any suggestions much 

Geoffrey Doerre

gdoerre at

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