sectioning of zebrafish embryos

Thu Mar 13 03:56:06 EST 1997

Dear ZF group:

	I would like to follow gene expression during sex gland 
development and am wondering whether I should section the fish embryos in 
order to see the morphology of the tissue well. What is the best method 
to section a fish embryo? I was told that cryosectioning is the way to 
go. Is it right? What is the problem with parrafin section? I prefer 
paraffin section for it gives better morphology. But my experience goes 
only to mouse tissues. I have not worked with zebrafish embryos before. I 
would like to get suggestions from anyone who has experience in this.

Bon-chu Chung, PhD
Institute of Molecular Biology
Academia Sinica
Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan
Republic of China
TEL: 886-2-789-9215, FAX: 886-2-782-6085
E-mail: mbchung at

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