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Pat Edwards edwards at
Thu Mar 13 11:13:27 EST 1997

I am posting this for Danica Zivkovic (dana at

To the zebrafish community... 

In relation to S. Wilson's message on availability of cDNA libraries
of zebrafish later stages of development within the zebrafish
community, I would like to join in his request. Our collegues at the
Hubrecht Lab work on receptor tyrosin phosphatases from zebrafish and 
therefore we would need, for instance, a cDNA library from fry.  I am 
aware that two potentially useful cDNA libraries were made from 6 day 
p.f. and 12 day p.f zebrafish by Stella C. Martin, Giovanna Marazzi, 
Julie H. Sandell, and Gerhard Heinrich (Developmental Biology 169, 
745-758). Trk receptors were recovered from these cDNA libraries. I 
tried to contact the senior author, but without any success. If
anybody knows how to obtain "later" stages cDNA libraries please 
contact me. Many thanks in advance,

Danica Zivkovic
Hubrecht Laboratory
Uppsalalaan 8
The Netherlands
email: dana at
tel: 31 30 2510211
fax: 31 30 2516464

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