Zebrafish meeting

Pat Edwards edwards at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Mon May 5 14:25:20 EST 1997

To Members of the Boston Area Zebrafish Community: 

You are invited to attend the Spring BOSTON AREA ZEBRAFISH MEETING.

 Strategies for Embryological Analysis. 


Monday May 12, 4-6 PM. 1st floor Auditorium, Whitehead Institute.


How can zebrafish embryos be used to reveal information about
cell-cell interactions and the responses of cells to their environment
during development? The speakers will present a variety of approaches
to understanding the cell and tissue interactions which underlie
zebrafish development. Presentations will be 15-20 minutes which
should leave some time for discussion.

    4 PM 
Food and milling around.

"Neural induction and patterning in zebrafish"
 Yevgenya Grinblat, Whitehead Institute

"Mosiac analysis of zebrafish eye development mutants"
 Jarema Malicki, Mass. Eye and Ear Institute

    15 minute Break

"Calcium signaling in zebrafish embryos"
 Robbert Crton, MBL, Woods Hole

"Mapping the zebrafish heart field using caged fluorescent lineage
tracers" George Serbedzija, CVRC, MGH 


Food will be provided (graciously) by Amersham Life Sciences and
Kodak, Scientific Imaging Systems.

Questions can be directed to Iain Drummond 617 726 5647 / 
idrummon at receptor.mgh.harvard.edu; or Chris Amemiya 617 638 7078
camemiya at bu.edu

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