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>Dear colleagues, friends, and relations,
>This week I am moderating a web-based discussion of "model systems in
>biology" -- advantages, drawbacks, history, implications, and whatever
>related issues are raised by the invited participants. The discussion is
>organized by HMS Beagle, an on-line biology magazine run by BioMedNet. The
>dialogue is taking place at; only the initial
>participants can post to the site this week, but interested observers can
>read postings by logging on as "guest."  Next week the entire edited
>dialogue will be posted, and if there is interest, a new discussion group
>will be opened on the topic.  I invite you to check this out as it unfolds
>-- and of course you're welcome to email comments directly to me at any
>Please forward this message to any potentially interested parties.
>Jessica Bolker
>Department of Zoology
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>Institute for the Development and Evolution of Wet Animals

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