MCRAIG at clarku.edu MCRAIG at clarku.edu
Tue Nov 25 11:29:18 EST 1997

Hello, my name is Melynda Craig and I am a senior at Clark University. 
I got your e-mail address from "the fish net"; I've been tryinng to find
some basic info on Danio rerio.  Unfortunately my efforts have proved
futile and I was wondering if you may have something to help in my
search.  I am doing a very basic research paper on zebra fish for a cell
bio class.  I am just looking for some background info as well as their
use as a cell/developmental biology research specimen.  Nothing fancy,
just some basics.  I also need to review a research paper published on
zebra fish research.  If you have anything available (from your own
research or collegues) I would appreciate it!  Anything at this point
would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Sincerely, Melynda Craig

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