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On transporting fish.  

Plastic bags with pure oxygen filled at about 50% water with the
temperature towards the low end for the species in question.  The fish
loading is a function of metabolism and the species.  Carp can be packed
at about 20-25% fish with cooling and pure O2 (>3cm fish) for about 12
hrs (24 max).  Zebras can only be packed at about 3% fish, 30 gm/l or
about 60 fish/l on a 24 hr. pack.  

When the fish are packed in pure O2 in a closed container, the CO2
builds up and drops the pH, thereby decreasing the NH3 toxcity.  Do not
take fish from pH 6.5 water and dump them into pH 8.0 water.  Make up
some water which matches the pH of the incoming bags of fish and use
this for a water change.

Do not put an airstone into the shiping water, this will blow off the
CO2, increase the pH, increase the unionized NH3 and kill the fish.
Exchange with the pH controled water with lots of O2.

Do do it right, should have pH and O2 monitoring equipment. 
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