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Tue Oct 14 11:59:45 EST 1997

I am posting this for Pat Krone

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellowship in the 
laboratory of Dr. Pat Krone to examine posttranslational mechanisms 
which play a role in the regulation of zebrafish development.  More 
specifically, the successful candidate would carry out work examining 
one or more members of a highly conserved family of molecular 
chaperones.  These chaperones are known to play critical roles in 
regulating the activity of a number of important signaling molecules 
such as bHLH proteins (MyoD), several serine/threonine kinases and 
steroid receptors.  More information can be found in selected recent 
publications listed below:

Lele, Z., S. Engel and P.H. Krone.  1997.  Dev. Genet. 21, 123-133.
Lele, Z. and P.H. Krone.  1997.  Mech. Develop. 61, 89-98.
Sass, J.B.,  and P.H. Krone.  1997.  Exp. Cell Res. 233, 391-394.
Krone, P.H., J.B. Sass and Z. Lele. 1997.  Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 53,
Sass, J.B., E.S. Weinberg and P.H. Krone.  1996.  Mech. Develop. 54,
Pearson, D.S.,  W.M. Kulyk, G.M. Kelly, and P.H. Krone. 1996.  DNA Cell
Biol. 15, 263-272.

The successful candidate would be expected to start in the spring of
For more information, please contact Pat Krone at the address below by
November 15, 1997 at the latest.

P. H.  Krone
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
University of Saskatchewan
107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon, SK
Canada  S7N 5E5

Telephone: (306)966-4089
Fax:  (306)966-4298
e-mail:  krone at

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