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Pat Edwards edwards at
Fri Oct 17 10:16:34 EST 1997


First, I want to say that the previous message that came through the
news group was not from me, although it had my signature at the end.  It
was the first message that I put through as moderator of the zebrafish
news group and I forgot to take off my signature.  In other words, the
zebrafish news group is now being moderated.

The reason I chose to send this message was to see what the concensus is
as far as my letting this type of message go to the news group.  I would
rather err on the side of being too lenient than on being too strict as
this is a discussion group.  Knowing that some of our subscribers are
toxicologists, I felt that perhaps there was a link there, somewhere.  

I do plan, however, to "weed" out all of the porno-type messages as well
as advertisements for things and services that are not related to
zebrafish or science.  I'll try my best to be as fair as possible.  I
don't want to be a censor as such, I just want to allow the group to
function as it was meant to function without the constant interruptions

Pat Edwards

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